TV Appearance

Tonight, the TV show that we filmed in Tokyo will be on air.
Everyone was super nice and I really enjoyed being in the studio with such a fun group of people.
The programme focuses on the cool side of Japan and also the 'wacky' side, which we all love. An interesting programme.
  I also received a CD from Chris Hart. Yay! He's got a beautiful voice.

TV Appearance
TV Appearance
TV Appearance

April 22nd 2014.
TBS TV nationwide.
Tokoro-san no Nippon no Deban! with Tokoro Joji.
From 7pm~8.58pm
Guests: Bibiru Ohki, Aramata Hiroshi, Jeff Berglund, Bashar Turkistani, Chris Hart, Diane Kichijitsu, Haruka Christine.
Announcer : Masuda Erina.

日付: 火曜日 2014.04.22
時間: 19:00~20:58


チャンネル: TBS系テレビ 全国ネット

MC: 所ジョージ

ゲスト: ビビる大木、荒俣宏、ジェフ・バーグランド、バシャール・トリキスターニ、クリス・ハート、ダイアン吉日、春香クリスティーン

進行: 枡田絵理奈(TBSアナウンサー)


TV Appearance
TV Appearance
TV Appearance