Canoes & kayaks.

Good times with good friends.
 We set off at 1am and drove from Osaka to Nagano. We were treated to a beautiful sunset as we arrived and I was thrilled to see that the cherry blossoms were in full bloom and there was still snow on the mountains. The flowers were out, ready to greet us and the butterflies were in a playful mood. We passed apple orchards and rivers and arrived just in time for some breakfast on the riverbank. Our friends arrived from Saitama and we unloaded and assembled the canoes and kayaks. The sun was smiling down on us and we spent the day rowing down the river, enjoying the beautiful views.
  We spent the night at a guest house run by a friend's parents in Nozawa Onsen - a village of natural hot springs. After taking a bath in one of the local bath-houses we filled up on some wonderful homecooked food then set off down the hill to enjoy some karaoke.
 I had the best sleep that night. My futon felt like a cloud and I slept like a starfish until the sun woke me up.
Fantastic trip.

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